Fruit Salad

That’s the picture of the breakfast party I did. The table is just been set up and the delicious, good-looking fruit salad already gets the photographer attention. So let’s talk about it! Fruit salad consists of pieces of sliced, shopped or whole small fruits, pitted and peeled if necessary. Traditionally syrup was used to coat the fruits but it can also be served unsweetened, moistened with fruit juice. In some recipes alcohol is added, usually a sweet wine or liquor. Fruit salads are in almost all hotel breakfasts all over the world. I had it at 5 stars to 0 stars hotel either in Brazil, US, Europe or Cuba! As a dessert you can find them in many restaurants (but not in the fancy ones) as a healthier option, although usually they are made with sugar (which is weird and hard to understand). They are also sold as a snack in many places, including convenience stores and gyms. People also do it a lot at home, as an easy and cheap option of dessert. Wrapping it up fruit salads are not seen as a real dessert and people don’t expect much of it, right? But I disagree, is not that I want to make it fancy, I just think a fruit salad can be surprisingly good. There are a number of recipes for it that contain different kinds of fruit and other ingredients to make the syrup, or even different kind of sauces. Run away from the papaya, banana, orange and apple mixture, we had enough of it! There are so many options of flavors, texture and color so you can be very creative and come up with a delicious recipe! You just have to choose great ingredients that go well together. For my fruit salad I only use the best fuits I can find, the ones that are in season and are more classy, like peaches, raspberries, strawberries, plums, cherries, mangos and lichees. As the syrup goes I like to add some flavorings as vanilla bean, cinnamon, star anise and lemon zest. Just by using great fruits and a flavorful syrup I end up making a surprisingly good fruit salad! If you need more inspiration check out those sites with many recipes: Fruit Salad Recipes and Cooks Recipes

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I tried this salad fruit and must find some sophisticated adjetives to express what it tasted like: exquisite, delirious, rapturous. Thanks for sharing it!