Sweet Dreams

When I came back from Paris I had decided not to write about La Patisserie des Rêves because I though it was too good therefore too obvious. I just googled it to confirm my opinion but was surprised to find a number of people saying bad things about the place. I read, among other things, that it was presumptuous and expensive. Because I strongly disagree I decided to express my opinion.
I know we live in strange times where some people spend so much money buying things trying to feel better but instead are just getting emptier and happiness to them always seems to be one step ahead. And at the same time others are, specially after the economical crises, simplifying the way they live, making less money but spending even less. Those are saying they are happier but I think both ways can make you not experience and enjoy the moment you’re living in. It’s hard to find balance. I know that to consume is not a way to find true joy, but to aloud yourself to appreciate good stuff feels really good. Going into a beautiful place in a nice neighborhood, getting a good service and eating delicious food made by people that care with quality ingredients is a experience that has its value and should be appreciated.
Going to Patisserie des Rêves made me happy not only because it’s that kind of experience but also because by eating them I let myself to be taken to another place. I remember when I had the Fruits Noirs tart in my mouth it was like kissing someone I was in love with. My mind was focused on the sensations and everything around seemed to disappear. The city noises were far away and the hot weather didn’t bother me anymore. I came back to reality when my tart was finished, but I came back feeling better. I was hopeful about how people can do great things. I was inspired to cook more and dreamful about my profession. That’s why I think this dreamy pastry shop deserves its name.

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