Cooking to impress

Valentine's Day is coming! On this day lovers express their feelings for each other sending greeting cards, giving candies and flowers, going out for dinner… And should definitely consider the option of cooking a great meal.
In the past young women needed to know how to cook and do other home tasks in order to find a good husband. That’s passé, but at the same time people are getting more and more passionate about food, so I wonder… Does the expression we have here in Brazil ‘grabbed by the stomach’ make sense nowadays? Is it still possible to make someone fall in love with you for your cooking? I believe so… Although, let’s make it clear, that’s not the reason why I went to cooking school! Women are not obligated to cook for their family anymore, but anyone who could have someone preparing delicious healthier food at home would definitely appreciate it, right? That’s why knowing how to cook became an extra quality that can make an extra good impression. And I can prove it with this true story!
I had a friend who was a very good student, got a great job and was building a beautiful career. Besides that she was learning 3 languages and spending a lot of time at the gym trying to stay fit. The last thing she thought about was food. Until the day she met a nice guy who loved to eat. They were dating for a couple of years and besides not sharing the passion for food everything else was fine. But she was in love and wanted more. The plan was to throw a dinner party for his birthday and surprise him and his friends with her cooking. The only problem: she couldn’t cook. That’s when I got involved. I did everything; planned the menu, bought the ingredients, cooked, set the table and taught her how to finish the dishes and plate them. I left just before the boyfriend and guests arrived, so she could say she did everything by herself. I was a personal ghost chef! On the following morning she called me saying everything went out great, the guests said they had never eaten so well and the boyfriend was happy, grateful and head over heels in love. Two weeks later I saw her at the gym and she came towards me, euphoric, showing her hands…yes, yes, yes!!!! She was engaged!

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Great post! I really would like to know what dishes were made at this dinner!