2011 Food Trends

I've been reading about the food trends for 2011... I'm excited, it looks like we're gonna have a great and delicious year!!! Here's my list of what to expect:

Retro style cocktails

Food trucks and Pop Up restaurants

Food Halls and Urban Wineries

Farmer, producers and artisans as celerities


Use of more technology for marketing and operations

Portable street food and small plates from around the planet

Korean food

Gastropubs will proliferate

Continuing appetite for comfort food

Pies instead of cupcakes

More small, niche restaurants that specialize in one main dish or ingredient

Restaurants are abandoning descriptive market jargon (like cooking method, sides or adjectives), and highlighting only the key ingredients

Less use of sauces and more powders, crumbles, dustings and “dirt” crafted from cookie crumbs, dried mushroom powder, dehydrated beets, etc.

Wood-burning fires

Chefs reinvent junk food in gourmet ways

Hot dogs are the new burger as chefs reimagine them with boutique-style sauces and gourmet toppings

Less meat - Meatless Mondays and vegetable-based tasting menus are gaining traction

Fried Veggies

Nordic inspiration

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